A ferry nice refit

Sandbanks Ferry returns after major refit

Sandbanks Chain Ferry makes a welcome return to the shores of Sandbanks! Connecting Sandbanks to Studland and offering easy access to the Isle of Purbeck for locals and visitors.

This week sees the much anticapated return of Sandbanks Ferry. Also known as the “Bramble Bush Bay” chain ferry, it’s been out of service since October 2022 as it had to be towed to Falmouth, Cornwall for an extensive refit.

Regrettably on route it “suffered severe damage to the southern end prow” during the voyage to Cornwall that delayed it’s scheduled return by a few extra months. The reason for the delay is because new parts were needed from Poland.

Sandbanks Passenger Ferry

Sandbanks Ferry in it’s original colours before the refit

Did you know?

The same ferry company has been operating passenger services between Sandbanks and Studland for over 90 years and began in 1926!

The ferry is owned and operated by Bournemouth-Swanage Motor Road & Ferry Company under the Fairacres/Silvermist Group and first came in to service in 1994, replacing a much smaller version. In fact, the company has been running ferry services for the last 90 years.

Sandbanks Ferry at Poole Quay

Sitting patiently in Poole Quay awaiting it’s final journey back to Sandbanks

“The Bramble Bush Bay” is named after a small bay, located close to the Shell Bay side of the crossing.  It is 242 feet in length which is about 80 feet longer than the previous ferry. This increased it’s car-carrying capacity to 52 and also transports buses, coaches and large trucks.

Sandbanks Ferry returning to Sandbanks

Sandbanks Ferry now sporting a fresh new coat of paint and red hull

Sandbanks Ferry underwent not only a major refit but also now boasts a full Cornish repaint with brand new red coloured hull, which was formerly a dark blue colour. Residents and visitors will be particularly pleased to see it’s return as it now cuts the journey to Studland by at least 45 minutes (25 miles) with the only other route being via Wareham.

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