Pineapple Island

Pineapple Island are a handmade jewellery and accessories brand based along the South Coast of the UK. Our ethos is on sustainability and ethical job creation.


Born from a journey of solo travel and self-discovery, we exist to introduce the fashion industry to handmade jewellery and clothing that won't cost the Earth.

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Established in 2008 through a personal exploration of solo travel and self-discovery, Pineapple Island is dedicated to revolutionizing the retail industry by introducing handmade jewelry and accessories that are both exquisite and eco-friendly.

Each product we create contributes to the promotion of sustainable job opportunities for our skilled artisans in Bali and the UK. By bypassing large factories, we ensure that the income goes directly to the hands of talented and resourceful craftspeople. Pineapple Island serves as a haven where the craftsmanship of handmade items transforms into a representation of freedom, accompanying individuals on their everyday adventures.


But here’s the most exciting aspect – it’s all about budget-friendly wanderlust. We understand your deep yearning for travel and your soul’s desire for the sea. That’s why our dedication lies in offering you items that capture the thrill of exploration without emptying your wallet. Quality, style, and the essence of adventure – that’s what we stand for.


Pineapple Island transcends being just a brand; it embodies a mindset. It serves as a constant reminder that life’s most remarkable moments unfold when you venture beyond your comfort zone. It extends an invitation to welcome the unknown, to craft your narrative, and to wear it with pride.

Each piece serves as a memento from your personal journey, a statement that life’s most significant adventure is the one you carve for yourself. So, fellow adventurer, come and join us in celebrating the inherent freedom within.

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