Eddie Mitchell Plans for Sandbanks Pavilion

The local property magnate Eddie Mitchell (former chairman of Bournemouth football club) unveiled in April fresh plans for the seafront in Sandbanks and the Sandbanks Beach area near the pavilion. He has revised the plans several times and now includes more retail units and beach huts than the previous proposal offered. It also includes a larger car park.

The new plans also include a soft play are for children, new beach cafe and bar and a local hub information centre.

The £30m development will not goahead if landowners Poole Borough Council do not grant permission and will likely go to appeal. However, the council will consider how this will improve and develop the area and ultimately bring more people to the area of Sandbanks and promote it as an attractive proposition for investors, business owners and visitors alike.

“It’s an improvement on the last scheme and based on what the council have suggested they want to see in their planning guidance for the area.

“A lot of things could be improved in the area – I would challenge any councillor to say what’s great about the buildings. The pavilion is dilapidated, the play area is worn out and rotting, and the paved areas are cracked and in disrepair. The area needs some love.” – Eddie Mitchell (Bournemouth Echo)

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