Into The Wild Sculpture Exhibition

Into The Wild Sculpture Exhibition

We are proud to announce the upcoming sculpture exhibition “Into The Wild” in our stunning gardens

Event Date
  • MondayJuly 3
  • TuesdayOctober 31

This exhibition showcases approximately 30 sculptures from seven different artists available for viewing on a trail around the Wooded Valley and Rock and Water garden.

About the event

The exhibition will showcase approximately 30 sculptures from seven different artists and will be available for viewing on a trail around the Wooded Valley and Rock and Water garden.

Visitors can expect to see a range of exotic animals and native wildlife sculptures, all available for purchase. Many charities will benefit from the artists’ support through the sale of their sculptures. Compton Acres hopes to offer a captivating viewing experience while highlighting some of the current issues associated with conservation and wildlife.

The sculptures will be integrated into an educational and fun experience for the Summer Children’s challenge. Families are encouraged to explore the sculptures and learn more about the artists’ inspiration and conservation messages.

We are thrilled to welcome pieces from renowned artists Tanya Russell, Suzie Marsh, Elliotts of London, Marjan Wouda, and Ama Menec. Rock Art who currently display stunning ‘Shona’ sculptures from Zimbabwe in the Plant Centre, are also taking part. In addition, four of the pieces by resident sculptor Brendon Murless will remain at Compton Acres, with his own viewing section from The Heather Gardens to the Japanese Garden entrance.

More Information

The exhibition will run from July 3rd to October, 2023, and visitors from all over the world are invited to experience the captivating sculptures at Compton Acres.

Curator Harriet Sheppard says,

“We are extremely excited to welcome more sculpture into our gardens for Into The Wild. Areas of our 10-acre site offer such an ideal setting for wildlife, from where we intend to create an experience for our visitors to really enjoy and be captivated by.”

As part of the exhibition, Compton Acres hopes to assist in highlighting the great work conservation does and educate visitors through collaboration with the charities that the artists support. The sculptures are all for sale, and can even be viewed privately on request.

“We look forward to welcoming new visitors as well as providing a new experience for our loyal members,” adds Harriet.

We are proud to offer this unique and exciting exhibition for art and nature lovers alike. Visitors can expect to be inspired by the beautiful sculptures on display and learn more about the important work being done to protect wildlife and conservation efforts. Of course, they can also purchase a sculpture to call their own and appreciate in their own home, for years to come.

Step "Into the Wild" at this unique sculpture exhibition at Compton Acres

Explore 10 acres of beautiful gardens while discovering exotic wild beasts and native wildlife in this one-of-a-kind event not to be missed! Enjoy lunch at the cafe and tearooms and find the perfect gift at our Gifted Moments store. There's everything you need for a fantastic family day out.


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