Sandbanks Beach gets a boost!

The advent of summer brings with it a brand new website, welcoming visitors and celebrating Sandbanks as the perfect staycation location in the UK.

Summer is here, so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to welcome you all to Sandbanks. From humble beginnings just a year-and-a-half ago, we’ve seen continued growth in the popularity of the area and local businesses enjoying the prosperity of rising visitor numbers. It’s so important for the local economy and it’s wonderful to see everyone relaxing and having a good time.

Paul Andrews - Director & owner at Sandbanks Beach Ltd.

Paul Andrews – Director @ Sandbanks Beach Ltd.

First things first, I decided to give the previous Sandbanks Beach website a major overhaul. Although it had been hugely successful in garnering 98% of online visitors to Sandbanks, I felt it was lacking in depth and needed a refresh – because there’s so much to enjoy for visitors to the area. Taking on any new website build is no mean feat because it’s a huge amount of work – especially with so much to cover (and with such a very small team 😉 ). However, with so many people visiting us online and planning their holidays to the local area all year round, there’s never any better time like the present…

Daughter and father at Sandbanks Beach

My daughter Elina and I at our favourite place! It’s such a fantastic place to raise a young family.

It’s taken many hours and many late nights including, like so many of us, trying to balance the pressures of work / life / raising a small person. But indeed, it’s been an unmitigated pleasure working on the new website, it’s never a chore. I’m hoping that the new improvements and continued work in developing it further will be successful in bringing fresh eyes to the area. I had such an endless stock of great photos and videos it makes the task a lot easier. To be honest, Sandbanks is such a beautiful area of Britian that it’s pretty easy to take great photos – the scenery does most of the hard work for you!

Nothing beats a sunset at Sandbanks

Nothing beats a sunset at Sandbanks

However, the work’s not done yet! I want our website to be the best, the most informative, the most useful resource for people visiting Sandbanks & Poole. I also want to make it unique with an alternative twist to the normal, run-of-the-mill tourism websites. There’s still plenty of areas left to cover, plenty more content to write (and rewrite) and a whole host of new developments in the pipeline. It’s such an exciting time!

Of course the real joy in all of this, for me personally, is seeing so many happy people visiting and enjoying the area that I grew up in and love so much. It’s the most beautiful, soul restoring place in Great Britain (he humbly suggests).  In fact, seeing how many people, quite a few of them discovering Sandbanks for the first time, finding us online, visiting the website, on social media and through Google – it’s been truly heartening! I want to keep the content fun, engaging and interesting – because after all, politics and the world’s problems can always take a momentary backseat when people just want to enjoy their holiday and have a well earned break! 

A view from Sandbanks Beach to the Purbecks

A view from Sandbanks Beach to the Purbecks

The popularity of the area never ceases to amaze me! Sandbanks and Sandbanks Beach really are a key draw to the entire area. But I guess it’s not that surprising really, being such a wonderful place to visit – all year round.  Below are some of last years stats I’d like to share with you all if I may and I’ve also included the last 28 days this year (May – June 2022)- we’re expecting an even bigger year for visitors, not only this year but every year to come! (You can download the full 2021 media pack here)

But of course, there are so many businesses down here that all work flat-out to give people an awesome experience when they visit and who do so much to promote Sandbanks. That’s really how the idea for this website was first born. It’s primary purpose being to not only welcome a new and wider audience but also to support and help the local business community prosper.

Poseidon Watersports Sandbanks

Poseidon Watersports – one of the many great local businesses in Sandbanks

With growing visitor numbers, month-on-month, we’re offering some great advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Businesses can register now for a branded landing page and profile on our new website for a low monthly subscription. It’s one price for all, large or small, local or otherwise, giving everyone an equal opportunity to promote their brand or business, get more bookings, sell more event tickets and connect with our growing audience. So dear reader, if you own or know a business that might be interested, please do share!

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Lastly, I want to give a massive THANK YOU!! to everyone who has visited our website, liked and shared our posts on social media and visited Sandbanks because of it. You are the very reason why it’s all worth the while – and we know you won’t leave disappointed! Once you step out on to the beautiful soft golden sands of Sandbanks and look out over the beautiful blue ocean, you’ll always leave wanting more.

Bye for now and we’ll see you down the beach! ❤️🏖️

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