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My name is Paul and I am the director and owner here at Sandbanks Beach Ltd. I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself, tell you a little about who I am, how and why I came to be running a Sandbanks based business here in Dorset and why I would never want to be doing anything else!

I was brought up in the local area and have lived here all of my life. With a brief dalliance living in London for a year or two and Canterbury, Kent where I studied Media and Computer Science at Christchurch College.

My parents owned a Period-style house (built in 1926) in Lilliput for 25 years, in Brownsea View Avenue in fact (pictured below) – which we were once told was one of the first houses to be built in the area and which bore witness to a rapidly changing area around it over the years.

27 Brownsea View Avenue, Lilliput. Photo on the right – sitting with my brother at the gate (1980s).

I have no qualms in saying that it was a true blessing as a child to be brought up in such a naturally beautiful and safe area. The beach was just a short distance from where we lived and like many of my friends, we loved playing in the golden sands and blue flag waters every summer, all summer long down at Sandbanks Beach.

I went on to own and run a successful local web design and marketing agency in Bournemouth for 15 years, helping to navigate a steady ship even through the Global economic downturn, working with a huge variety of local businesses and brands including The Colour Works, Fabric Land, C & O Tractors, True Utility, The Bournemouth BID, Weymouth BID, Kingston Maurward college – and many, many more…

Our work with the BID sought to promote the town centre.

One of the many Dorset Chamber events I had the good fortune to attend.

It proved to be such a joyful and stimulating experience, helping businesses to grow and show themselves in their best possible light, both online and offline. During this time my company also developed Dorset Food & Drink, Dorset Chamber, Silicon South, We are Weymouth, Dorset EMC and various other business networking related websites, which gave me great insight in how to effectively market groups of businesses under a unified brand.

Celebrating 15 years of success with Digital Storm Ltd. I’m the one on the left 😉

Winning at the WireHive Awards – 2019

I am a long term supporter and season ticket holder of our local football team, AFC Bournemouth.

To bring you up to the present. In March like many, I accepted furlough from my main business to give it financial breathing space. Rather than sit on my laurels and having owned various Sandbanks related domains for many years, I decided to start building and promoting the first of these – SandbanksBeach.co.uk. I registered the business, Sandbanks Beach Ltd in March 2020 but in just a few short months I have worked hard on building an audience, promoting the area both nationally and internationally through photography and videos, social media and the website.

We now already enjoy millions of views in Google Maps and Search, 55,000+ checkins on our Facebook page (3,000+ likes) and over 1,200 followers (and growing) on Instagram without any paid promotion whatsoever – just hard work, dedication and a good dose of experience. It’s been a real challenge to say the least – especially with a young child off school and at home most days for that entire period. However, like many others, we learnt to adjust to work and life somehow!

We can also celebrate the fact that now everyone checking in to Sandbanks and Sandbanks Beach via Facebook and Google do so through our brand. They interact with our brand before, during and after their visit. The main purpose for us with all of this is to try and unite all of the local businesses under one attractive and unifying brand, by which everybody can benefit.

I have personally been very deeply affected by what I’ve seen going on in the world around me, including but not exclusively with the Corona virus and the huge impact this is having on peoples everyday lives, well-beings and businesses. There is a lot of negativity, which at times can be all-consuming. I want to reset this balance in my own small way by filling the world with positivity, good feelings, loving vibes and in celebrating the beauty of the world around us. The natural beauty of Sandbanks does make this a lot easier mind you!

But it is not all just about pretty pictures and beach vibes. I have a very clear vision of what I want my new business to become, HOW it can help to support local businesses and charities sail through the choppy waters that lie ahead, provide a solid platform to help grow and provide a new branch in my working career. We have some very exciting plans for the future….

…There is still a long way to go and a lot more hard work ahead – but it is still the best job in the WORLD and I’m ready for the challenge, now more than ever!

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