Sandbanks Ferry to increase fares

The company who run the chain ferry between Sandbanks and Studland are set to increase fairs – set to double by 2021.

Pedestrian fares on Sandbanks Ferry, between Poole and Studland, are set to double to £2 by 2021, while the car toll will increase from £4.30 to £6.

It is said that Purbeck District Council are against the proposed changes and have written to Secretary of State for the UK to oppose the planned price increases. They say that the increase is above inflation and unacceptable.

The alternative route from Bournemouth to Swanage involves a round trip of 50 miles…many would say that this would cost more in fuel, time and effort than the small increase in ferry tolls. However, where the real impact will be felt is people who have to make the journey regularly, some on a daily basis which would mean the increase could cost some £000’s per year.

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