Sandbanks Beach Jet Skiers beware!

Posted on: 13 August, 2018 by: Sandbanks Beach

Poole Harbour Commisioners are cracking down on speeding jet skiers on Sandbanks Beach and the surrounding waters. A number of complaints have been made about the speed and proximity to bathers in the shallower waters – especially during the busy summer months of holiday season.

Officers have already presucted 8 people in charge of jet skis or motor boats on the exclusive resort of Sandbanks.

The harbourmaster gave a stern warning to all watersports enthusiasts on the Beach this summer that “ignorance is not an excuse” and that people should familiarise themselves with the 10 knots speed limit.

As an example. Alan Bailey, 55, from Birmingham, admitted being in charge of a jet ski without the harbourmaster’s consent and to travelling above the speed limit. He was fined £260 and ordered to pay £330 costs and a victim surcharge.