Sandbanks Pavilion Redevelopment Planned

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council is pitching for an expert design team to create a ‘landmark’ new £3.5 million Sandbanks Beach Pavilion.

The current pavilion as two kiosks along with 40 beach huts but the council argues has reached the end of its useable life and needs to be completely domolished and replaced with an upgraded facility.

The council has already spent an estimated £50,000 on putting together a “multi-disciplinary design team” who are due to carry out a feasibility study and draw up high-level concepts to replace the waterfront 1928 bathing pavilion.

Sandbanks Pavilion

Sandbanks Pavilion in 1928

The U-shaped Sandbanks Beach Pavilion will be demolished and replaced with a two-storey building, which will cover the pavilion’s current footprint and will feature newly designed beach huts and new community spaces for visitors to enjoy. The team will consider three separate approaches and will decide whether to go forward with a more traditional design or something more contemporary (perhaps something like Miami Beach / Palm Beach style? ;P )

BCP Council has briefed: ‘BCP Council is seeking to appoint a suitably experienced consultant who will provide and manage a multi-disciplinary professional design team to consider the most appropriate long term, cost effective solution for the Sandbanks Pavilion building.

‘This appointment will include a review of site information / surveys, identification of any additional surveys required and the undertaking of three high level design proposals as detailed below. The local authority, subject to approval of these outputs, reserves the right to issue the next phase of work considering one of these options in more detail to produce an outline design, high level costings with planning authority feedback.’

The BCP Council are outlining a number of “key objectives” which are to include “creating a landmark building” while also increasing the number of beach huts and subsequent income from the facility.

BCP Council is already under pressure from locals after various changes around Poole and Sandbanks including the controversial new cycle lane at Evening Hill (which also removed the ability for local watersports enthusiasts to easily park and launch). The redevelopment of Poole Park sparked heated debate with the removal of many ancient trees. The latest development is sure to be a hotbed of discussion amongst locals, council leaders and visitors alike as the original structure has been there for so long and is of architectural significance. Some would suggest that part of the original structure should included in the new structure while others would argue that the current historic structure is dangerous and should be removed.

“It would be great if the council could choose a design that incorporates the past and brings this forward in to the future of Sandbanks. The history of this area is so important that to at least leave some reference to the past is key.” – SB.

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