Sandbanks Yacht Club Co. Development plans revealed

Plans have been revealed that show a proposed 5 storey development at the site of Sandbanks Yacht Club Co. on Panorama road. The plans include mixed-use development with 31 flats, three offices,and an underground car park. Buildings between 30 and 38 Panorama Road.

The owners, Fortitudo Property (who employ local developer Richard Carr) originally proposed development plans in June 2017, which were refused by the council on the grounds that it was “too much too soon” – Cllr Andy Garner Watts.

A revised planning application was proposed but withdrawn in March this year after discussions between the developer and council’s planning department due to issues raised by planning offers regarding the boundary line of the yacht club.

Jacob Carr Homes Ltd (a company run by Richard Carr) in collaboration with Phoenix Spencer Sandbanks Ltd rehashed the plans to address the issue.

If plans do get the goahead – eight one-bedroom, 19 two-bedroom, and four three-bedroom flats will be built on the site. A total of 45 car parking spaces would be created, with 39 underground and six at the front of the site for visitors. There would also be 32 cycle spaces available.


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