Kiteboarding & Kite Surfing

Sandbanks boasts shallow waters, coastal winds and a friendly community of dedicated kiteboarding enthusiasts ready to welcome you.

Is kiteboarding difficult?

Compared with other watersports kiteboarding is a great way to get on the water and is relatively easy to learn. Although more technical than wind-sports like wakeboarding, given some lessons by one of our experts down here in Sandbanks, you’ll be up and running in no time! The learning curve is also faster compared to windsurfing. It’s affordable too and we have all the kit you need right here so you won’t need to splash the cash before you’ve taken lessons.

Kiteboarding at Sandbanks - Dorset, UK

Kiteboarding at Sandbanks – Dorset, UK

What’s the difference between kiteboarding & kite surfing?

Basically these are facets of the same sport – just technically different in some ways and you’ll need a different kind of board. Kiteboarders use a twin tip board and ride across open water while kitesurfers use a directional board to ride waves.

Difference between kiteboard and kitesurf board

What kind of kit will I need?

If you are considering your own kitesurfing equipment, as a beginner you’ll be looking at spending around £1,500 to £2,000 to get the complete set of quality kit.

Kitesurfing complete set

Kitesurfing complete set – everything you need

Brands like Duotone and F-One are popular and make some quality and affordable boards and kites.

Kitesurfing Photo Gallery

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