Windsurfing in Sandbanks

With ideal conditions for windsurfers all year round, Sandbanks is the perfect place to enjoy windsurfing. Every skill level is catered for whether you’re learning or a seasoned pro!

Sandbanks combines waste-height water on the bayside and open ocean on the beachside of the peninsula. Offering some of the best conditions for windsurfer addicts in the UK. You’ll also be treated to an amazing backdrop of stunning scenery including Brownsea Island, the Isle of Purbeck and dramatic Jurassic Coastline.

Windsurfer in Sandbanks with Old Harry's Rocks in the background

Windsurfer in Sandbanks with Old Harry’s Rocks in the background

Sandbanks has become one of the famous places in the world for windsurfer boasting ideal conditions and easy access to the water. There are many water sports companies who offer training and equipment hire catering to all your needs.

Best Windsurfing Spots


Sandbanks is one of the few locations in the region that can make the most of a southerly and north easterly wind direction.

Windsurfers getting ready in Sandbanks

Windsurfers on the Poole Bay side of the peninsula


The beachside of Sandbanks Peninsula offers riders a spectacular backdrop of the Jurassic Coastline and Purbeck Hills. Windsurfers can enjoy the open ocean and waters of the English Channel with ideal environment to suit all levels of windsurfing with the conditions favouring freeride and bump and jump.

Sandbanks Beach windsurfing

Windsurfing on the beachside of Sandbanks Peninsula

Wave riding can be had on the beach break (a sandy bottom), which is good for learner windsurfers or alternatively for the more adventurous Hook Sands can be entertained. Hook Sands work best between mid to low tide and can produce some excellent waves for jumping and riding, which will usually be bigger than the waves breaking on the beach. With the tide changes throught the day, often you can get some good surfing than when you first arrive – patience is definitely a virtue!

On the Purbeck side of the Hook Sands is a busy shipping lane, which windsurfers should avoid if possible. This isn’t usually an issue as you have miles of coastline stretching out to the west. If you decide to venture out to Hook Sands it is best to take some spare rope and also a chum – it’s a long way out!

Bayside / Harbourside

The bayside of Sandbanks peninsula which skirts Shore Road offers waist-height calm waters and is the perfect location to windsurf all year round. Winds blow west and south west and the waters are calmer than beachside. Tide state is not so much of an issue in Poole Harbour like it can be for other shallower harbours so windsurfing can be had all day long, although high to mid tide is usually preferrable because when the tide is low, there’s a more limited area to surf and you are closer to the busy shipping lane.

Poole Bay windsurfers

Windurfing on the Bayside offers calmer waters

Shell Bay

Located nearby, Shell Bay offers excellent conditions for intermediate and advanced windsurfers, with its stronger winds and occasional waves.

Studland Bay

Just a short drive from Sandbanks, Studland Bay is a popular spot for windsurfing, especially for those who enjoy long-distance sailing and exploring the coastline. - horizontal
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