Harry Paye Pirate Day

Harry Paye Day on Poole Quay

Ahoy there! Join us for a day of pirates, parades and live music on Poole Quay!

Shiver me timbers! Poole goes “full pirate” for this fantastic event on Poole Quay! Harry Paye, a pirate so infamous that he not only get’s his own day but also a section of the Purbecks named after him (namely Old Harry’s Rocks).

Did you know?

Harry Paye was born in Poole around 1360 and was a pirate and adventurer.

The Pirates of Poole - Poole Quay

The Pirates of Poole – Poole Quay

It’s organised each year by the Pirates of Poole and BCP Council to raise money for charity and keep the history of Poole town alive, in particular it’s long maritime history. The event begins at midday and goes on until 6PM so come on down in your best pirates gear.

Event Date
June 18 2022

2.6 Miles
From SB HQ