Baiter Skate Park

A great place for skateboards, scooters and BMX riders with plenty of great quality ramps for people of all ages & skill levels.

Grab your board and practice your ramp skills at this awesome skate park. Featuring half pipes, rails, ramps and variety of other obstacles suitable for beginners and more experienced streetsurfers alike.


Baiter Skatepark, Poole, UK

Running down the middle of the course is two back to back mini ramps forming a spine where they join and running off the back of the second mini ramp is also a large flat bank. Either side of the mini ramps are two back and forth street courses, one made up of a quarter pipe and a flat bank facing each other with a funbox and spine in the middle.

The other is comprised of a quarter pipe facing a wall of quarter pipes and a flat bank. In between the two is a driveway with hubba and a jump box.

Baiter Skatepark, Poole, UK

2.3 Miles
From SB HQ

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Rumsey of Sandbanks