Health and wellness

Sandbanks offers clean air, wide open spaces, clean blue waters, a suana right on the beach and access to world-class health facilities. An open opportunity for everyone to relax, recharge and enjoy.

As soon as you set foot on Sandbank’s beautiful golden sands and take a deep breath of the clean sea air, your soul will feel restored. It’s the perfect place to unwind and be at one with nature.

Exercise on the beach

Yoga on Sandbanks Beach

Yoga on Sandbanks Beach

We all know the importance of staying fit. Not just for the health of our bodies but equally for our mental wellbeing too.

With stunning scenery and the Jurassic Coastline as your backdrop, whether you just want to take a calm stroll along the shoreline, workout on the beach or go for a jog along the golden sand, Sandbanks is the ideal place to do it.

Not only that but we also have world-class watersports activities so you can give your body and soul a real boost!

Saltwater sauna

Saltwater Sauna at Sandbanks Beach Dorset

Saltwater Sauna at Sandbanks Beach Dorset

For the first time, Sandbanks Beach now has it’s very own authentic Finnish, wood-fired sauna. With seating for groups of up to 8 people.

Enjoy watching the sunrise or magnificent sunsets with views out over the beautiful blue ocean through the panoramic window. Of course, then there’s the tempting rolling waves of the sea to dive in and cool off if you need to!