Kitesurfing at Sandbanks

A phenomenal watersport for your body and mind

From the first moment you take the plunge and start kitesurfing, you will experience the exhilaration of a kite session with consistent wind and perfect water conditions. There are some truly awesome benefits you’ll get as soon as you “go fly your kite”!

All-over Body Fitness

Life can be stressful. We all know how important getting some downtime from the pressures of life can be. Everybody loves to relax, and that’s why you’re going to love paddleboarding. Standing more or less on the water, propelling yourself through the scenery at your own speed is wonderfully relaxing, in an almost meditative way. While you’re on your board it’s just you, the water and your thoughts.

Stress Relief & Mindfulness

Paddleboarding is a whole-body exercise that’s good for you whatever your age! The combination of paddling while balancing on the board (which is harder than it looks!) is really good for your core strength and your leg and arm muscles. This it’s relaxing and good for you, what more can you want?

Balance, Coordination & Concentration

Sandbanks is home to legendary windsurfing facilities and truly perfect conditions all year round. We’ve got a variety of local schools and academies or of course, bring your own gear and get straight in!

Join a Community

Kitesurfing has become hugely popular, including down here at Sandbanks where you will find many pros and novices alike. You can always find a friendly face to help and we have a variety of Kitesurfing schools who are always willing to offer advice and of course lessons to get you started. It’s an inherently interactive watersport and imbues respect and communication because you are often sharing space on the water.

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